I guess a little self indulgence in the ‘About Me’ section would be ok!

My name is David Pingree, I’m a 25 year old graduate of Criminology, I live in Sheffield, South Yorkshire in good old England. My hobbies are mostly centered around musical things like Guitars/Keyboards etc, but I also love stuff like Science Fiction and Horror. I’m turning into a bit of a fitness freak lately, and I like HOT curries, those 2 aren’t really good bedfellows to be honest. Oh well, tough love I guess!

I also play Guitar, Keyboards and sing in a band called Anvil Skies.

I’d like to explain to you how I go about the review process if I may:

I listen to the album MANY times, this is so I can at least give it a fair review, alot of reviews are made by music journalists on a tight schedule who don’t often have time to listen to music constructively before they have to publish a review. This is unfair, and whilst they get paid to write their quick opinions, I do not – I do this for love of music and I enjoy writing.

I also like to give a track by track review approach, nothing annoys me more when an album review is like 1 paragraph long and doesn’t even mentions the tracks, I mean c’mon! I like to give a small insight into the ride you might want to experience, because after all an album in my opinion is as good as watching a film or playing a computer game. Give it the time it deserves!