Hey All,

It’s been a while since my last update, most notably because of time dedicated to my new band Anvil Skies!

I’m thinking of things I can do with this Blog to breath some life into it, here’s a couple:

#1 – Random Album review – I review a complete random album [generated by google] of any genre from a completely unbiased viewpoint.

#2 – Classic Album reviews – I review albums pre-1990 from my collection [Rush, Depeche Mode, Pink Floyd, Led Zep etc] say once a month.

#3 – Actually review new albums quicker and get the reviews uploaded on here with more regularity!

#4 – Have a Monthly article on something music related, for example the loudness war etc.

#5 – Live band reviews, for example saw Focus not so long ago, and should make it a regular thing to review live gigs!

Just a few ideas anyway!

I intend to get a review up of the new Demians album pretty soon, and then may also review a classic!

So stay tuned!