Well then, I guess it’s time to explain the reason I’m starting this blog.

I’ve always enjoyed writing, it’s something that chills me out and is also a very good form of expression,  however in recent years my writing has been almost entirely confined to written essays and exams due to the heavy work load associated with studying for a Bachelors degree.

 Well now that I’ve graduated, I can concentrate on writing about my interests rather then ‘someone elses’, no longer will I write about ‘working class crime on council estates’ or ‘political issues surrounding the criminal justice act’, 10 points to the first person who has a guess at what degree I did! Now I can concentrate on one of my favourite hobbies, that of MUSIC!

 I have set myself the challenge of reviewing every single album I own, which is not easy as I own a vast quantity, It may take a couple of years until I have even 75% of my collection reviewed, but one thing is certain, I’m unlikely to finish given the rate at which I buy new albums!

 Regardless of my work ethic, should you find this page and find an article of interest, please read it and leave your own comments, feel free to agree/disagree and contribute your own 2 cents worth if you like!

 Hope You Enjoy The Ride!